Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 is here!

What's on the horizon for you? Let this be the year of your nerd breakthrough!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Happy birthday tweets from superheroes

Got a few happy birthday tweets from a few celebs aka superheroes... I can check that off my nerd bucket list

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Wakanda Forever

 With in theaters again. Time for a flashback.

Thank you My daughter just saw (last year) & now she wants to dress up as with her sisters.

So they did!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

NERD of the month Whitney "Spooky Whitt" Johnson

While I was at Dragon Con this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Whitney "Spooky Whitt" Johnson. Whitney is a cosplayer who has quite a bit on her plate. She organized a Final Fantasy cosplay group of over 200, volunteers with kids,while still managing to be a model and an equestrian. 

How did you get started with cosplay?

     I got started about 20 years ago in Highschool making my own cosplays: Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7 for Halloween and then Princess Mononoke for a Theater character day. It wasn't until I went to my first con, ConDUIT, that I found out we could do this as a thing and bring our characters fully to life and I was hooked. 

What are your top three cosplays?

     My top 3 cosplays: Sephiroth, Sesshoumaru, Fang. Though Sesshoumaru is now retired (Sesshoumaru is in dire need of repair. He has been to many cons and festivals, the costume is worn out in addition it also needs new fur).  

What motivated you to start a group? Why a Final Fantasy group?

     What motivated me to organize the group was when I was at Dragoncon in 2009 people were spreading the word of a Final Fantasy photoshoot at the Marriott. My girlfriend at the time and I were dressed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts (her) and Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy 8 (me).  it was a fantastic little gathering and as Irvine I suggested we all had to go to Hooters after and even shot a little bit of video there with permission from the owner. 
It grew from there. I created the group to help keep us organized and each year we spread the word: Saturday, 1pm Marriott Atrium, Pool Entrance. But now we have outgrown that space and even that time slot. So I have been organizing this group (which has now reached over 230 members) since 2011.
     I have always LOVED Final Fantasy since junior high school. Ever since a friend showed Final Fantasy 7 to me. I loved how Sephiroth looked and how he was drawn. Seeing Sephiroth helped me with my art and ended up being what got me into anime.  I loved how the game was played and how great the stories were!

What kind of volunteer work are you doing?

I am a fringe volunteer (meaning I go where I am called when I have time) for different groups in Utah like Make-a-Wish, Kids Heroes Foundation, etc.  My most recent event was an event for adopted children called United For Adoption. I was 1966 Robin. 

Congrats to the first NERD of the MONTH 
September: Whitney Johnson
She received a free copy of the Red Dragon Inn 2

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nerd Parents...Summer Freebies for kids

Hey nerd parents...
Free movies for kids...
Need a low cost activity for the summer?
Local to Michigan and Illinois

Movie Line-Up: All Films Start at 10AM

  • Wed, June 14 & Sat, Jun 17: Kung Fu Panda 3
  • Wed, June 21 & Sat, June 24: The Secret Life of Pets
  • Wed, June 28 & Sat, July 1: Trolls
  • Wed, July 5 & Sat, July 8: Kubo & The Two Strings
  • Wed, July 12 & Sat, July 15: Hotel Transylvania 2
  • Wed, July 19 & Sat, July 22: Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
  • Wed, July 26 & Sat, July 29: Ice Age: Collision Course
  • Wed, August 2 & Sat, August 5: The Angry Birds Movie
  • Wed, August 9 & Sat, August 12: Monster Trucks
  • Wed, August 16 & Sat, August 19: Rock Dog

Original website:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The best thing about May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Be sure to stop at your local comic shop and pick up some awesome freebies!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pros & Cons: Marvel Miniature Game by Knight Models

This week Knight Models released its first run of Marvel Universe Miniature Game. As this game involves superheroes, I rushed to check it out. Actually, as a nerd dad, I had to ask my wife’s permission to get it. After a lengthy bargaining process, I rushed out to get the game. Because I’m a nerd dad, I plan to play the game is a day or so as the models that come in the started are not painted and need to be assembled. I did however read the rulebook and look over the figures and their associated cards. Here are my first impressions for Knight Models’ Marvel game from those observations.


  • The figure sculpts are well done and are free of the unnecessary flash you see on inferior models. Details like the individual plates of Thor’s armor or the disks in Black Widow’s belt confirm the quality of the models is impressive.

  • The rulebook looked to be well edited and concise. I liked the format of the rulebook.

  • As far as the rules go, the use of colors, symbols, keywords as well as numbered stats allow for thought-provoking ways to bring a superhero to life.

  • The folding character cards hold a lot of information and give an interesting take on keeping track of your character.

  • The price-point of $55 - $60 dollars is acceptable for 4 figures, 4 character stat cards, and a rulebook.

  • You can customize your battlefield scenery with ready-made objects or make your own.


  • It’s nice to have a miniature rulebook with a miniature game, but the small print made it hard to read. There were several times I had to read a section twice.

  • The character card uses a color scheme that might be hard to read.
  • I was planning to purchase a DEADPOOL and a BLACK PANTHER figure along with the Avengers starter, but the $25 price tag for a single figure made me reconsider.  

  • This first run only included hero figures. There aren’t any villains to purchase.

  • Scenery is an added expense.

The game seems similar to Warhammer or Hordes. What are your thoughts? Are you enthusiastic about a new tabletop version of superhero warfare? Leave a comment. Watch for my upcoming full review of the game.