Saturday, December 21, 2013

Deck of the WEEK - IZZET-SCRY

Could use some advice on this deck build folks.
 Blue / Red Scry / IZZET

 The Theros set appealed to the Greek Mythology geek in me so much. I wanted to make a deck that followed that and was fun to play. Then I met Flamespeaker Adept. Oh yeah, almost had a nerdgasm. So I built this deck around that card. I looked for ways to scry to boost him, and there were plenty of red and blue ways.  I also wanted to capitalize on the instants and sorceries I would be casting to boost Flamespeaker Adept, so I went with IZZET and thought Guttersnipe and Prescient Chimera. While those are the focal points,  I thought putting in the Red God Purphoros  and Young Pyromancer could be interesting as well. 

Still, I found that my biggest issue when deckbuilding is "that I be doin' too much" (my math students say that to me all the time). I guess I try to make a jack of all trades / Batman's utility belt deck that doesn't focus on doing one or two things well.

Check out the link on and let me know what you think. Any advice is welcome.


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