Monday, November 17, 2014

Top 25 list of Twilight Zone episodes

The Twilight Zone has been a part of me almost all of my life. it started in middle school when I would stay up on the weekends and watch an episode while the rest of the house was asleep (the opening eye used to freak me out). After I got older,my sister and I would watch Twilight Zone marathons together. My sister moved away (we still call and text each other during TZ marathons), but thankfully my wife and I watch the Twilight Zone marathons now. So the Twilight Zone has not only been a part of my life, but my family as well.

Part of my love for the show has been seeing some of my favorite actors like Burgess Meredith, Roddy McDowall, and Peter Folk in their past performances. It was kind of cool seeing them after I had admired them in the present.

I noticed these articles posted by twitter folks @WendyLovesJesus @TheNightGallery which listed their favorite episodes:

25 Episodes in Search of a Favorite Twilight Zone

Will My 25 Favourite TZs Please Stand Up?

So I was inspired to write my own top list.

It was difficult picking only 25...Honorable mentions to episodes: Its a Good Life, Uncle Simon, a game of pool, From Agnes-with love, and I shot an arrow into the air.  

I linked each episode to a Wikipedia page, although I suggest viewing the episodes. It seems that sometimes things are lost in translation as well as sometimes you get your own meaning from each.

The series went on for 5 seasons and over 160 episodes. While I've been watching the show for over three decades, I still haven't seen every episode and probably never will. Who knows, maybe if I let myself get too obsessed with watching I may just find myself watching episodes IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE....

What are your favorite Twilight Zone episodes? 

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  1. What a great mix of episodes in your list! There's just something about the Twilight Zone that brings people together and gets them talking, isn't there? Rod Serling created history with this ground-breaking series that so many people (myself included) love. So much fun to see other people's TZ lists -- both how they're similar AND how they're different. For example, "Hocus-Pocus and Frisby" would make my BOTTOM 5 list! Anyway, thanks so much for linking to my (and Paul's!) list!