Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nerd Dad Tips: 3 ways to make playing Fallout 4 more fun

Like most nerds, I usually have at least one thing or another that I obsess a bit too much over. Whether it be comics, Magic the Gathering, Heroclix, Pathfinder, or whatever, nerds can get really passionate about something...even if its just for a short time. My geeky drug of choice lately has been playing Fallout 4 on PS4. For those thinking of playing Fallout 4 or who are already, here are a few tips that I found have made playing more fun.

  1. Plan out your character ahead of time - Thinking about your character before you turn on the game seems like a waste of time, but its not. Deciding what kind of character you want to make before hand actually speeds things up. Want to make a sneaky sniper, a brawny melee fighter, or what about a tough, shoot from the hip gunslinger? Think of the perks that will best enhance your character and either make sure you have the necessary required stat or are working up to them. My buddy wrote out a page and a half backstory for his character. His paper had notes in the margin and parts of paragraphs scratched out. As geeky as that sounds, it actually helped while he played. When it came to making a dialog choice or what quest path to take, he had a point of reference for his character's motivations. I wanted to make a tough guy that had the Solar Powered perk. SO I made sure that I started my character with a 10 Endurance or for my sniper I made sure that I had an 7 for Agility and a 7 for Perception.
    Let the sun shine in...
  2. The clothes make the man - As you travel throughout the commonwealth, you'll find various appearal that can change your stats. A hat that gives +1 Perception or a suit that grants +2 Chrisma... by taking a few seconds to change your outfit, you can have better dialog interactions or bonuses when you level up. When I'm about to barter or have some dialog, I shead my armor and put on Reginald's suit (NO SPOILERS), a Milita hat, and Fashionable Glasses for a +5 Charisma boost. Or when I'm about to end a quest, I don the Liam's Glasses, Ushanka's Hat, and a Vault-Tec lab coat for a +5 Intelligence boost.
  3. I needed CHR...
  4. Find your window - Fallout 4 is so massive and with playing multiple characters, it can take up a lot of time. So if you're a nerd that doesn't want Fallout 4 to cost him/her their job or a nerd dad that doesn't want to end up angering your spouse into hiding your need to find a balance. Finding a "safe" time to play can save you some heartache. My window ended up being 4am-5:30am before work. I get up early and play before I start my day. The kids and mom are one to distract or anger, the house is mine at that time and I'm free to play. 
    Warning, monsters may be closer than they appear...
I hope these tips help you enjoy playing Fallout 4 more. Watch for follow up Fallout 4 articles.

Do you have any tips for playing Fallout 4?

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