Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What the Fantastic Four remake taught me

Whether you're a nerd dad like myself or a film watcher who doesn't know the difference between the Green Lantern and the Green Hornet; I'm sure there's one thing we can agree on.  The Fox 2015 film remake of Fantastic Four was. .. not a good film. Ok,  it stunk... it was the opposite of fantastic...or you could say it was a fantastic flop. Now before you start  thinking that my negativity comes from the fact that i don't think the movie was 'true to the comics', let's discuss this.  

Who am I kidding, no one cares about spoilers at this point?
Ignoring comic accuracy, the movie was extremely slow.  The heroes didn't get their powers until two-thirds of the way through the movie,  and the villain didn't show up until the movie was over.  Slow movies don't bother me,  as long as the characters are developed well Especially with GOOD superhero movies,  you have to find a balance between developing the character of the hero (and villain), empowering the hero (and villain), and finally having the hero/villain conflict. This movie didn't do well with any of that. 

From the nerd perspective, Ben Grimm is Reed Richards best friend.  For as long the movie took to get our heroes powered up,  we don't see much of Ben and Reed together. ..actually poor Ben didn't get much development until after her was transformed. And most of that was just anger from being changed. Having a black Professor Storm and Johnny Storm/Human Torch didn't matter to me. As a blerd,  I like seeing black heroes.  The fact that the Human Torch was black is interesting...maybe even a little cool, but it didn't make me stop and say...WOW this is going to be awesome!!! I'm sure I could list a multitude of those things wrong with the movie, but here's the punchline...
I liked it. heard me right...I liked this movie. Well that leads me to what the Fantastic Four movie taught me. As a nerd dad, I have a blinders on when it comes to superheroes. I've been watching superhero movies for as long as I can remember, and I liked just about all of them. To be fair, when I was a kid, superhero movies weren't as abundant or profitable as they are now.  Frankly most of them stunk... And what's crazy is I know that the movies stunk and I found something good or cool in them that I liked. I watched the Fantastic Four movie and I found thinkgs that I liked about it. Even with the weak plot, the bad pacing, drawnout story...I  defy logic and found some way to like this movie. 
My buddy Loose ( and I were talking the other day about guilty pleasures... The Fantastic Four remake is one of mine...And unfortunately it's not alone. Here are a few other superhero movies that I liked that defy all logic...

Watch for my follow up article, where I review my favorite bad superhero movies.

What are the worse superhero flicks that you've seen... and liked???

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