Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Does the black guy live? Movie reviews....This week IRON-MAN 3

Iron Man 3 Does the black guy live?

The after credit scene was awesome!
B+ grade for Iron Man 3!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Black Superhero Spotlight

Every month I’m going to spotlight a black superhero (although this is more for May/June). If you can’t hear about black superheroes from a blerd…then where are you going to  hear it from? This Month’s Superhero is…. STATIC

Static's creator: Dwayne McDuffie

Static's History

Static's Origin

Statics' Powers

I think my favorite thing about Static is that he’s a fanboy. He collects comics, is a gamer, and uses a lot of pop culture references.


This figure isn’t a game changer, but seeing it for the first time almost give me a nerdgasm. Allow me to elaborate. Comics in general have a lack of strong major black characters. For instance, there was a time that the X-Men featured more BLUE characters in its membership than BLACK ones. So when Heroclix gives me one of my favorite black characters...oh believe me I'm UBER excited; regardless of stats. Speaking of which, let’s take a look:



Its not what you might think. I admit to being a superhero fanboy and when I found out about the Mission Marvel that Disney was doing with their Phineas and Ferb show; only one thing came to mind..... AWESOME!

I have loved the Phineas and Ferb show since the first time I saw it. But I've been a Disney nerd since my wife and I started dating (she was and it became something we could share). So this amalgamation has me very excited. So I bet you're wondering, where's the nerd rage... Well here goes...

As I read the comments over youtube about this "crossover", some of the fanboys are hating. And I don't mean regular hate... like oh this is going to suck rocks, I'm not going to like it, or something. No, I mean little girlie boy, cry baby hate. Oh wah wah... I knew Disney was going to do something like this...wah wah... F#*$ Disney, they better not mess with Star Wars. wah wah...

Oh geez...really guys? I mean I have just as much fanboy lovin' for Mavel heroes as the next nerd...But the level these guys are taking it to is ridiculous!

Let me give you a little backstory so you can understand. Phineas and Ferb is a kids show about 2 brothers who have fabulous adventures and create impossible devices; all while their older sister is trying to prove to their mother what the boys are doing. And in Disney fashion, after a song or two, everything is gone by the time the mother appears. The show also includes....wait for it...an evil scientist and a platypus that's a secret agent. So yeah, we're talking really serious stuff...lol.

Well in the Mission Marvel story, the heroes lose their super powers.  Would you believe the fanboys are cursing like sailors over continuity issues like "Iron Man is in a suit, how can he lose his powers? If the Hulk loses his powers, why is he still green?" These guys are almost making me ashamed to be a nerd. Its one thing not to like the story. Its another thing to b!$#* and moan about something that has the lasting effects on continuity of an SNL sketch.

Let's just be real here. Marvel was dying. All of my fanboy love and the love from my fellow fanboys wasn't enough to save it. Things like this "crossover" only help to keep our heroes alive. Through the show, our beloved heroes will be exposed to a totally different audience (and their parents) which will undoubtedly create a new legion of fans that will grow up loving the heroes. How is that a bad thing?

And frankly, with the way Lucus was messing up Star Wars; you guys better hope that Disney does similar endeavors.

My advice to those ultra crybaby fanboys is leave the sanctity of your mother's basement, put down their still mint-in-box limited edition action figure, walk around in the sunlight for a short while and quit treating your/OUR favorite heroes like sacred cows.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Welcome to BLERD WORDS! This blog will be focusing on many different nerdtastic pleasures including gaming, cosplay, comics, movies, and more.  I hope you enjoy it...