Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm back and so is Spider-Man

It's been a while since I've written anything and I can't think of a better topic to start with than Spider-Man appearing in Captain America 3: Civil War. I'm almost proud of Disney and Sony getting together to make this happen. Ten or fifteen years ago, I wouldn't have seen a collaboration like this. It's too bad that Disney couldn't do something similar with Fox and get some use out of Wolvie and the X-men. Speaking of missed opportunities though, casting Tom Holland as Spider-Man just seems like such a waste. I'm sure the guy is going to do a fine job, but there was a chance to go with the Miles Morales Spider-Man instead of the same ol' Peter Parker Webhead. As Marvel and Sony are two different entities, the chance to deal with characters from an alternate universe was as ripe as Georgia peach for the picking. I can understand why it didn't happen.  With all the risks that Marvel took beginning with Iron-Man back in 2008 and then with Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, am I wrong to have expected a little more?  When the rumors of a possible Miles Morales appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe started, I nearly went crazy with excitement and anticipation. It wasn't the "oohh we get a Black Spidey now" kind of excitement as some might expect from a BLERD. I'm one of the first guys to agree that I'd rather have quality new characters instead of minority rehashes of established ones. I'll take a good Night Thrasher over a 'Black' Batman. It was more so the "WOW! Here we are going into uncharted waters again with Marvel" They made a talking raccoon playing nice with a walking stick work this? I can't help but be a little disappointed.

Civil War is going to be awesome nonetheless. All I need do is look at The Winter Soldier film. That was arguably the best follow up flick that Marvel has done...I shudder to say that Disney has done as well.