Friday, November 15, 2013

Freebie Friday 11-15-13

Every other Friday is going to be Blerdwords FREEBIE FRIDAYS! 

This Freebie Friday (11/15/13) we're giving out a copy of the DC Deck-Building Game by Cryptozoic. Its an awesome game! If you like superheroes, you'll like it! Check out the YouTube video connected with the contest if you want to see the game played. Good luck to all!

DC Deck-Building Game by Cryptozoic ($40 value)

Exclusive Martian Manhunter card for DC Deck-Building ($12 value)

Click the link below to enter:

The last Freebie Friday (10/11/13) we gave out some RARE and MYTHIC RARE cards from the Magic the Gathering expansion THEROS. Congratulations to the winners!

Four FOIL cards including the RARE Ember Swallower

WINNER - Kevin Chang

MYTHIC RARE PlanesWalker Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

WINNER - Glenn Wilson

Two Japanese RARE cards, Soldier of the Patheon & Agent of the Fates

WINNER - Ryan Norris

The RARE Prognostic Sphinx
WINNER - Jessica Muro

The RARE Spear of Heliod
WINNER - Michelle Loney

The RARE Whip of Erebos
WINNER - Justine Mcintyre